Awakening or God-Realization?

by Joebaby on April 5, 2011

I’m in a 28 day Deepening process here in India… I’m at the Oneness University, ground zero and home base for the worldwide Deeksha ‘Oneness’ movement, guided by Bhagwan and Amma, an Indian couple revered by hundreds of millions of Indians (and many thousands from around the rest of the world)…

I met Bhagwan yesterday; he seems incredibly present, graceful and funny… qualities I appreciate in someone who can assist me in my awakening process… I felt a lot of lightness around him, and was already delighted with the energy, information and intent of the program I am immersing myself in…

The term ‘Awakened’ means many things to may cultures. Here, in this ashram, it appears to mean someone who is no longer attached to the mastications and resulting suffering of the mind. (I like the sound of that!).

I learned a new distinction yesterday. ‘God Realized’ is someone, like Ramakrishna Paramahansa, who is so in love with God, so single-mindedly immersed in God, that they, (yup, only in India) become imbued, infused and one with God…

Wait a minute – that’s what I want!!!

We were given a metaphor… the awakened person, when they get hungry, still has to go and find food. The God-Realized person, when they get hungry, well… they are so in love with God, so imbibed with the Beloved, that food comes searching for them!

Count me IN! As of yesterday, I have switched majors! My intent is for God-Realization, and I pray to God that I graduate; the sooner, the better!

Sending you Love and Blessings from India!



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