Kundalini up the spine! (Now THAT got my attention!:)

by Joebaby on April 21, 2011

There’s nothing like a flow of kundalini energy going up your spine to get your attention!

That’s exactly what happened to me last week, and as I lay there, feeling the most incredible warmth snaking its way up my body, I was giggling in delight!

Not too much, less I somehow engage the mind and somehow try to control, understand or ‘maintain’ the moment…

I have learned so much about the mind here at Oneness University; it has given me new ways of understanding consciousness and ego.

Most of us on the path of awakening know that we are not our mind… but its still so easy to identify with it. Here at Oneness they teach that the mind that so many of us think is us is not even ‘our’ mind; its one collective, ancient thought process that is running on its own. And it will continue to run, with or without us… and there’s nothing, repeat NOTHING, that we can do about it…

Pretty radical teaching for me! Radical and well, enlightening! ;)

So, as I lay there, this infinitely intimate, sensual, loving warmth moving up my body, part of me giggling in excitement, I just experienced…. and as I experienced, it continued to climb…

I’ve had kundalini experiences before, all the way thru the crown chakra, but this was different…. it moved so slow and graceful, I watched/felt with reverence and awe…

The perspective of these teachings is that we can’t even surrender, for there is no ‘me’ to do the act of surrendering… its just that surrendering happens, and consciousness is there to witness it…

Bring it on! :)

Sending you love & Blessings from India,


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