3:33 – We are all Instruments of Grace (whether we know it or not!)

by Joebaby on April 21, 2011

I got a Facebook invite from my friends Matthew and Brad, the Gratidudes, to do the Gratitude Dance this Friday, April 22nd, at 3:33 pm (Its Earth Day! ;)

The Gratidudes are emissaries of joy, and they’re inviting us to dance our gratitude for life on such a global occasion. I invite you to join us!

I love synchronicity in numbers, and within 2 hours of accepting their invite and posting it on my FB page, the number 333 showed up two more times!

I sent out an email that I’d spent a week thinking about…. it was an invitation to share my community teambuilding process with the Oneness community… I cc’d myself, and when I saw a copy in my inbox, was surprised and delighted to see that I’d sent it at exactly 3:33 am! Sweet! What a beautiful affirmation of the timing of my intent! (and I’d thought I should have sent the email a week ago – huh! ;)

Then, I sat down to write a short story about a dolphin friend of mine. Again, I’d ‘put off’ writing this story for the past several weeks, and my attitude as I ‘finally’ sat down to write was that I was way behind and playing catch up…

The story came out of me in about five minutes…. the words flowed effortlessly, without a pause… Everything was there, it flowed seamlessly…

I was shooting for a 300 word story, and when I was done, looked at the bottom of the page…. the word count was 333…

We… are… such… channels… of… grace…

Without even knowing it! Even when we think we’re ‘late’, or ‘behind’ or whatever… we… are… right… on.. time!



Yup, we're STILL sending our blessings to Japan! Click here and join us!

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“Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God” Tielhard de Chardin

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