Surfing the Shift with Playfulness and Joy!

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by Joebaby on August 29, 2011


Amanda meets Spiral!

The dolphins have increased the intensity of their interactions with us tremendously – this summer I’ve had some of the most playful and transformational swims with them in my 16 years of bringing people here.

Earlier this month I was swimming with my friends Spiral and Swoop and the gang, playing an intense game of seaweed tag. We were passing the seaweed back and forth, me with my hands and Spiral and Swoop with their mouths, pec fins, dorsal fins and tails. We were having a blast, and it seemed a god time to bring up the question I’d brought with me.

"NOW is always a great time to play!"

“I’ve been guided to bring a couple more groups out to play with you this fall. How does that feel?”

“Bring ‘em!” was the immediate reply. “We will have fun with them, and will assist them in opening further!”

“Its good to have more people holding a focus of joy”, they said. “The world is changing on every level, and those who channel joy and playfulness make a powerful contribution to the process.”

“Is it safe” I asked, having had a wave of dire predictions directed to me by family and friends.

I felt the smile of their reply… “We are all eternally safe, here to leap and play across all creation. Relax, my friend, all is well. Everything is handled by a Loving Creator grander than all of us combined. Trust your joy, for it will guide you to what is truest and best for you.”

I was shown the image of parallel realities lined up alongside each other, each a bit unique from the one next to it. They went from scary to beautiful, so beautiful that I forgot to breath…

“There are infinite realities that share this planet, each with its own degree of fear and love. The question is always the same; which will you choose in this moment?”

I felt the warmth of love flood my being, felt the release of tensions held out of loyalty to others whom I love, others who continue to see a cloudy future… a big sigh came out of me, I felt at home and relaxed, allowing myself to enjoy the beauty that calls so clearly.

“Some will experience separation, others will be filled with joy. To each his own. For us it is an easy choice, one made long ago when we decided to be born into these bodies so beautifully designed to play and love life.”

Who was I to argue? I sure was having a blast playing with them. Then Spiral dropped the seaweed in front of me, and as I kicked hard to grab it, Swoop swept in and beat me to it, squealing and blowing a stream of bubbles out his blowhole (See the photos below – you’ll see us in action when I get the video posted!).

We played for a long time, and pure exuberance filled me many times over. I felt the joy, the relief and the excitement of remembering that all is well, and its being handled by a loving creator much older and wiser than us. I felt the excitement of knowing that every drop of joy and playfulness we feel is a direct contribution to the frequency of this planet.

Joy is our nature, our divine inheritance, and there is no end to how much fun we can have. As many saints and spiritual guides have said throughout history, joy is the unmistakable sign of the presence of God.

How much joy do you want in your life?

Giving you an Ocean of Hugs,


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“Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God” Tielhard de Chardin

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