Post image for Global Shift – Its Playtime! Join us & the Dolphins this Sept, Oct & Nov!

Global Shift – Its Playtime! Join us & the Dolphins this Sept, Oct & Nov!

by Joebaby on September 14, 2011

The World is changing & Humanity is Waking Up!

Now more than ever, its time to Live in Joy!

There is so much to be Joyful about! Celebrate your many blessings!

(I’m alive, I can breath, I have a computer I have internet I can see I can read I am self-aware etc etc etc)

I’ve had an amazing stay here in Amsterdam. Its been a beautiful adventure; I’ve written a lot, started a new website ( – still under construction) and gotten inspired to live even simpler and more joyfully! How? By letting my heart lead the way, and the heart always leads with joy…

Seriously! Joy is the path of Tao, life, flow!

I’m headed back to Florida tomorrow, then over to beloved Bimini. I’ve got three upcoming opportunities for you to CELEBRATE This Most AMAZING TIME In HUMAN HISTORY!

(And activate your Joy & Exuberance to new heights!)

These trips are beachfront adventures swimming with the wild dolphins of Bimini, Bahamas. They are for fun-loving individuals, couples and families. Are you ready to bring your Joy to Life?

Sept 23 – 27 – Yoga, Bliss & Dolphins!

Oct 2 – 5th – 3 days of Wild Dolphins! (email me for details)

Nov 9 – 13th – Celebrating 11:11:11 in the Ocean with the Dolphins!

Join us as we celebrate life with the dolphins!



Beth & Spiral during our seaweed tag game last month!

8    8    8

Check out the new website!

Joe Noonan is an author, speaker, life coach and spiritual guide, Joe leads retreats around the world and facilitates self awareness programs for those on the path of awakening.

A guest on National Geographic, Fox TV and Oprah, Joe reflects back to people that this world is already a Heaven on Earth, and that the tools to find joy in the moment are around and within us. That harmony is inevitable and that innately we all just love each other and sometimes we forget — he is here to help us remember.

Planetary Partners advocates, educates and celebrates conscious co-creation on an individual, local and global level. We offer workshops, meditations, events and trips that awaken our divine connection with Nature.

“Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God” Tielhard de Chardin


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