Is there ALWAYS a simple solution?

by Joebaby on September 19, 2011

“If its not simple, its not from God”

Is it true? Is there always a simple solution?

I believe so…

Last fall the brake lights of my ’96 Honda went on and stayed on, draining my battery. I tried everything to fix it; a new brake light switch, checked wiring, paid Honda Online Experts $ to give me guidance… nothing…

I spent months lifting my hood and unhooking my battery cable every time I drove my car; what a pain!

It was also embarrassing. My car is missing two hubcaps and the paint is peeling… and here I am, lifting the hood and fiddling beneath it every time I meet friends for dinner… (my car is a beautiful gift in humility!)

Then I’d be gone, traveling for a month (or two). I’d come back, get  inspired for another round of solutions and experts… Nothing.

Then… THEN… I asked someone at the auto parts store (I’ve asked many times before but ya never know…) He said “I HAVE JUST THE THING – ITS A FIVE DOLLAR PART!”

He was right! A simple little rubber plug. I knew it was something simple!

And when its not, there is still always a simple solution – breath…

My friend Duran’s dad sells cosmetics. One of his counter employees started growing a big black mole on his face. It was gross to look at, and it kept getting bigger…

His boss told him to see a doctor. He said he would, but didn’t.

It got bigger… and bigger…

The boss was worried. Who wants to buy cosmetics from a guy with a great big ugly black thing on his face? “Go to the doctor”, he said. “I’ll pay for it”. But the guy wouldn’t go.

He was scared! (I don’t blame him)

So one day the boss takes the guy to lunch. But instead, he takes him to a dermatologist. The doctor takes out a scalpel, nicks the mole and out pops a foot long ingrown hair. Problem solved!

That poor guy spent a year worring about the growth on his face…

I had tennis elbow. It hurt. I’m not a rehab kind of guy, not wired to do daily exercises (except breathing and eating). I held out for a simple solution (another definition of lazy). Then one day while snorkeling, I bumped into a sea urchin.

Five of its spines stuck me right in my sore elbow!

It hurt! Within the hour, it lessened…

The next morning, the pain was gone, along with the tennis elbow.

I have great faith in simple solutions. This faith has grown exponentially. So has the quantity of simple solutions.

Which came first?

I dare you!

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