Suicide – A Loving Call to Action

by Joebaby on December 19, 2011

Suicide Prevention; Helping people feel loved and appreciated through the power of appreciation.

This mp3 recording came out of the recent suicide of three teenagers in Midland, TX.

(Apologies but had to move the mp3 recording here due to upgraded software difficulties)

Suicide sucks… Don’t get me wrong, I think its a cosmic pressure-release valve for the poor soul who is struggling with pain, loneliness, despair, but for everyone left behind, it hurts…

My friend Allison Watts shared her town has recently lost three teenagers to suicide, the latest a friend of the family.

I know the fallout of suicide personally, and was inspired to share some tools with the students around suicide prevention by helping people feel loved and appreciated through the use of appreciation.

Allison’s Introduction:

Thank you all for being here and taking time out of your busy lives to be on this call with us. Our intention for this call is to shed some light on the issue of suicide, and to help our community make some positive changes and have some tools for understanding, healing and preventing suicide.

We are honored to have as our guest speaker, Joe Noonan. I have personally known and worked with Joe for 3 years. He is an excellent life coach, who has helped me, my team and my family become better communicators, work together better and grow and understand ourselves and each other better.

I was sharing with Joe the other day what’s been going on in my life and knowing Joe’s story, shared with him about the recent suicides. My family knew ____. My son played hockey with him for years and my daughter was friends with his sister. His suicide deeply saddened us all and brought up all kinds of emotions. I shared the mixed emotions my family and I were having and that our community was really hurting and concerned. He offered to have this call to help us.

Joe understands the effects of suicide personally… Joe’s brother committed suicide when he was a teenager… His family decided to go get some help from a family counselor and it was life-changing for Joe. He says “It’s why I do what I do.” He offered to do this call for us because he believes, as we do, that he can shed some light on this subject and help us as a community have some healing surrounding this issue.

MP3 recording posted here

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