Dec 21st – An Invitation to PARTY!!! :)

by Joebaby on December 18, 2012

Dec 21 – An Invitation to PARTY!!!

Dec 21, 2012 has captured the attention of people around the world. UFOlogists predict a mass landing, Mayans speak of a new beginning and skeptics predict the end of the world. I’m looking forward to a PARTY!  :)

From the perspective of God/Source/All That IS, every moment is divine; there is no more or less God/Love/Joy in this moment than any other. Yet from our humanness, the part of us that believes we’re separate from the Divine, this coming December 21st is a super significant day.

A Celebration for ALL ages!

End of the World? I asked a friend of mine, an Asian event organizer, what December 21st means to her culture. She replied, “Oh, you mean the doomsday?”  I see advertisements with an image of a comet slamming into the earth. I hear prophesies and predictions that astound me, make me chuckle at our creativity.

Power of Love – One loving thought vibrates at a frequency many thousands of times higher than a fearful thought. So even if billions of us are in fear, a few million of us celebrating with joy is much more powerful. This, my friends, is cause for CELEBRATION! J

 What You Can Do – There’s LOTS of fun things you can do to join those of us who will be celebrating on this day.

-          Play some funky music and move to it!

-          Eat something yummy and totally give yourself to it! (Chocolate anyone? J

-          Give something to a stranger (a dollar, a meal, a hello, a smile)

-          Call a friend and tell them what you appreciate about them

-          Count your blessings, make a list of 50 things you love about yourself (I dare you!)

-          Clear some clutter, clean your room, make a cup of tea, put up your feet and smile!

Wherever You Are – Every place is uplifted by your loving presence. You can join an event or celebrate right from work or home.  Wherever you are is absolutely perfect!

Your Unique Contribution – In all creation, there is only ONE of YOU! Just by your presence, you bring something totally original to our world. Thank you!

Have Fun! What you do is secondary to the love you feel. Have fun! Let it rip!

Join us! Wherever you are, imagine your love and joy joining ours. Envision our combined energy embracing our planet with such love that everybody everywhere feels the warmth of our collective humanity. Life’s a party, here we are!

Joe Noonan is a shamanic nature guide, author and international speaker who leads trips swimming with wild dolphins and celebrating the joy of nature.  ©Joe Noonan

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