Swimming alongside a sailfish (with a big pointy spear on its nose)

by Joebaby on April 20, 2010

My March trip to Bimini was magical in so many ways… I’m still integrating it, catching up to the expansion I experienced on so many levels.

One amazing thing that happened is I got to jump in the water and swim with a sailfish… it was brief and exhilarating! Sailfish are a very streamline, graceful and fast moving fish that live in the open ocean. They shimmer in amazing colors and move like a bullet.

I’d spent the earlier part of the day spearfishing from my kayak, (another story) and ran into my friends Kevin and Kandy on their way out of the canal in their boat. They were taking Chris and Noah out to the reef. They invited me along and, ever ready for more adventure, I climbed aboard.

We hadn’t gone far before we spotted two bottlenose dolphins feeding in the sandy bottom in 20 feet of water. As we circled around, I hurriedly started putting my wetsuit and snorkel gear back on. Just then Kevin spotted something on the surface….

“Marlin!” he yelled, and all our eyes scanned the water to find a deep blue sail riffling the surface. He swung the boat around again and I put on my mask…

Bimini is famous for its ‘big game’ sport fishing, something I’ve never done because it involves hours and hours of trolling lures in deep water for the elusive sailfish, tuna and marlin; pretty boring stuff to me when I can don my mask and fins and slip into the ocean itself. But the mystery and allure of marlin and sailfish has its pull…

All the billfish sport a long spear for a nose; they rush into the middle of a school of smaller fish and thrash their bill around, wrecking havoc. Then they circle back around and eat up any fish too wounded from their charge to escape.

All this flashed through my mind as I stood on the rail of the boat, ready to jump in. I’d just read an article the day before in Spearfishing Magazine of someone who’d speared a sailfish, and how his buddy almost got skewered in the belly. (He fended it off and only got speared in the hand – big consolation). I picked up my pole spear for self defense, ready to jump in with it, but put it back down.

Kevin swung the boat around, putting the sailfish within 25 feet. “Now” he said, and I jumped in…

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