My (dolphin) Friend Is… A Teacher of Generosity & Love & Joy

by Joebaby on April 27, 2010

I posted another dolphin video today. It only took about two hours to make. The movie ‘The Cove’ has done so much to raise public awareness, and the “My friend is…” video, with many famous stars speaking to the qualities of the dolphins, has generated a buzz.

So I’m surfing that wave in preparation for a series of webinars to use ho’oponopono and quantum resonance to assist a paradigm shift within the heart of humanity.

All the dolphin and whale news is bringing the Cetacean Nation back into our collective consciousness. This time, rather than a ‘ban’ on whaling, let’s put whaling to rest for good. Imagine that, humans and cetaceans living in harmony…    Now, just keep imagining it, and smile…

This video has footage of a mother dolphin and her baby playing with me and some seaweed. It was quite a magical moment! See for yourself… and let your heart open wide…

(If you cannot see the video, click here)

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