Now, more than ever, you count!

by Joebaby on October 14, 2008


Its been pretty rare that powerful choice points happen on a conscious level for all of Humanity, and you already know we’re in the middle of a big one.

I don’t even have to say what it’s about, its so big!

What we do now chooses our collective future.

Remember the Hopi qote, This is what we came here for”

I am your brother, your loving reflection, reminding myself thru you to choose joyfully; letting the beautiful dream that lives within us to come to life, right now, through our every thought, word, action.

Time to bring all of our mindfulness work, all of our intentional training, all of our spiritual knowing (and of course our exuberance!) to life! I see you, Lighthouse, and I am smiling!

Here’s to our beautiful awakening!


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