Lively FB debate over fishing got too nasty for me…

by Joebaby on June 17, 2010

I made an album of photos from spearfishing here in Bimini on Facebook last night and it ignited a flurry of replies!

Does killing fish for my dinner make me a murderer?

Does fishing with reverence make it ok?

Is it hypercritical to kill fish and save dolphins?

It was an interesting debate and conversation, and I initially invited people to join in. I thought it would raise awareness.

But instead of building tolerance for differing points of view, it got pretty self righteous. Some offensive comments were posted which have since been deleted.

Its great to be passionate, and we’re free to judge and condemn another’s actions. But as we become a global Humanity, we’re taking tolerance to a whole new level.

Might as well get used to it! ;)



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