The Heart has crazy requests…Just say YES!

by Joebaby on July 20, 2010

Our world is changing faster and faster… and our hearts are opening just as fast. And more and more, our expanding hearts guide us to be and act in ways we might think are crazy!

I’ve followed some of what felt like crazy guidance lately… things that, when I first heard them, my mind’s reaction was ‘No way’!

The first was doing a headstand in an ancient standing stone circle, the other was jumping into a freezing lake with a half dozen drowning warning signs… (each of these will be their own blog post, for they each taught me something powerful.)

The headstand I thought about for maybe 15 minutes before I acted – (there was a small window of opportunity). The jump in the lake, I had all night to think about…

I made this video on the walk back from the lake!



(If you cannot see the video, click here)

Joe Noonan is a Nature Lover, author, speaker and guide. A former guest on FOX TV, National Geographic and Oprah, he leads trips and workshops celebrating the ecstasy of everyday life.  You can get more information about his work at Planetary Partners.

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