Nature’s Lofty Treetop Inspiration @ International Peace Day!

by Joebaby on September 22, 2010

Sept 21 was International Peace Day!

I was atop a big pine tree on an island north of Toronto… this tree, and Nature in general, gave me some insight into peace…

I find myself reacting to people’s comments to ‘make peace’… like it isn’t there, then we create it. Ha! The arrogance of the mind…

Nature in her wisdom and beauty reminds me that peace always is, whether we take notice of it or not… Peace is the space, the silence from which all music/life springs forth. If the music is filled with strife, it may obscure our awareness of the peace of its origins, but it doesn’t affect it…

I feel the truth of this resonating in my being as I type… felt it just as strongly in the tree… all of Nature, everything around me, echoes this truth…

Is it true for you??? Check and see… take a conscious breath… pause… listen to the silence… despite the mind’s rambling, do you feel the peace???

Pine trees emit a frequency that quiets and calms the overactive mind… this one calmed and rocked me… the view from the top is spectacular!

(If you cannot see the video, click here)

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