Be Choosy! Tips for sorting thru a full email box!

by Joebaby on September 27, 2010

Beautufl Autumn colors...

I have way more emails than I’ll ever read…

Today my inbox has  2500+ unread messages…Every few months, I move them to a folder marked ‘Archive’.

Navigating email is an art… I just made another discernment about how to sort thru which ones I open and which ones I respond to…

(Most of the 2500 I’ve at least skimmed the subject line… hint: if you want me to read an email, give me a specific subject title!)

Today I received this from someone on Facebook…

Subject: hello!
Hi Joe, I am just briefly reading a little bit about you…I dont actually agree with swimming with dolphins in any context, can you give me some more info about yourself and what you do? thanks ___ x”

As a Cetacean advocate, I was about to respond and take five minutes of my valuable time, when I realized that this person has instant and immediate access to all the information about me that they could ever want right there on Facebook… (I’m well-linked!).
And they’ve already indicated their position with a certainty that would obviously require some time and energy to shift. (“I don’t agree… in any context“).
I love educating people on the many gifts dolphins and whales offer us, (including Humanity’s total awakening!), yet why spend my time with someone who 1) wants me to educate them about me so we can 2) talk about their rigid postion?
I’d much rather spend the time sharing beauty and insight with you! (YES, this is five ‘well-spent’ minutes!)
Here’s to all the beauty around and within!

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