Help Dolphins from ‘The Cove’ become “Net-savvy” and “Fishermen-safe”

by Joebaby on October 27, 2010

Helping Dolphins become “Net Savvy” and “Fishermen-Safe”; Applying principles of ‘The 100th Monkey’

‘Celebration of Life’ Internet Radio – Tues, Nov 2nd at 7 pm New York /Wed, Nov 3rd, 8 am Kyoto, Japan.

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The 80’s brought us “Dolphin-Safe” tuna, now its time for us to help create “Fishermen-Safe” Dolphins! Can a group of inspired people align their vision well enough to communicate a message to the dolphin collective? Applying principles from the ‘100th Monkey’ study, in which a whole species of monkeys spontaneously began applying the actions of a few, we’re going online on the ‘inner-net’ to send the dolphins some net- and fisherman-safe strategies!

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The dolphin hunters are continuing their hunt in Taiji, Japan, site of the movie ‘The Cove’. They chase the dolphins into the cove using a wall of sound, and they keep them captive there with nets. On this show we will be sending them images and strategies to “swim far, fast and deep’, as initiated by the Taiji Dolphin Action Group, as well as to overcome the puzzling world-wide cetacean reluctance to leap over simple water-level nets to regain their freedom.

(Listen to the show HERE on Tues, Nov 2nd, 7 pm EST/ Nov 3rd, 8 am Kyoto, Japan. Listen live or to the recording))

Join Celebration of Life host Joe Noonan and his guest Teresa Bolen at 7 pm EST (New York) on Nov 2nd / 8 am Nov 3rd (Kyoto, Japan), as we super-charge telepathic human/cetacean communication using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), guided meditation, interspecies communication and quantum physics to help dolphins become both “net-savvy” and “fishermen-safe.”

Teresa Bolen is a passionate dolphin advocate, an EFT virtuoso, and founder of Magic at Your Fingertips. She teaches in Japan and has done ceremony at the Cove in an ongoing effort to bring healing to the waters there.

Joe Noonan is an author, international speaker and a shamanic wilderness guide. Joe has been bringing groups of people to swim with the wild dolphins and whales for the past fifteen years. He leads sacred Water Ceremonies around the world. Join Joe’s newsletter for upcoming ‘Celebration of Life’ radio shows, his YouTube videos and wild dolphin retreats at Planetary Partners.


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