No manta ray yesterday, but I did make friends with a turtle! (see the video!)

by Joebaby on November 29, 2010

I’ve been going out into the ocean every day since I met the manta ray… I’ve sharpened my knife to cut her free from the fishing line, brought a pair of pliers to snip the fishhook on her brow…

No luck… I’m following every intuition, and feel like this is an unfolding story… I’ve learned that the manta’s skittishness is my skittishness, that she’ll be ok if she doesn’t get freed of the line, and at the same time i want to remove the fishing line from her!

Yesterday, after searching for her with a bit of desperation, i surrendered finding her. This is not something that i can make happen, i have to let grace coordinate the meeting…

Once i surrendered, the beauty returned… Or, more accurately said, once i let go, the infinite beauty of the ocean suddenly became visible to me again…

I saw all kinds of action; a nurse shark resting inside a hollow coral head, its tail sticking out with its fins wafting in the current, an eel out of its hole, swimming atop the reef looking for its next meal, several schools of pasty blue surgeon fish and ballyhoo…

Then I saw a sea turtle… he was moving slowly just above the bottom and, just as I did with the manta, I followed him…

As I relaxed and got into a ‘vibe’ with him, I dove down beside him… we swam side by side, it was magical! I filmed it, you can swim alongside us here…

The music, ‘Azure Salver’, is by Snatam Kaur.

(If you cannot see the video, click here)

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