Meet my Manatee Buddies! Swimming with wild Manatees is cool!

by Joebaby on December 13, 2010

I was working on the computer, got a ‘hunch’ to go to the beach…

Cool! Maybe its the manta ray! Maybe I’ll be able to free her up this time! I grab my dive knife and camera, just in case… (there’s no way I’m going to miss showing you the cutting of her fishing lines!)

I grab a dry towel, put on my swimsuit, then the phone rings and I get sidetracked…

The hunch comes back, “Get to the beach now!” Grabbing my still-drying wetsuit off the clothesline, I race for the car and hit the gas…

There’s several places I park… which one? What the heck, I head for the south lot…

Unloading my gear, I start talking with a group of divers who’ve just gotten out of the water (The ocean looks awesome!) Suddenly one of them points toward the water, “What’s that?

My neck snaps into position… every sense on alert, I scan, excitement building… Is it the manta ray? Am I finally going to be able to free her of the fishing line?

A dark black blob, eighty feet from shore, moving slowly south… Manatees!

I’m off in a flash… running down the beach to get ahead of them, carrying my dive flag and buoy, heart pounding…

I’m five years old… singleminded… totally excited, racing for the sheer fun of it!

A few hundred yards and I stop, panting… I unravel my floatline, tie it to my gear, wade into the water (brrrr!), put on my mask and fins and kick away from shore… I want to get into position far enough ahead of them so my heart rate is calmed down by the time they arrive…

(If you cannot see the video, click here)

I used to lead manatee trips… its been a few years, but I’m re-inspired after today! If you’re interested in finding out more info, join the email list at

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