About Joe Noonan

Joe Noonan, aka Joebaby reflects that this world is already a Heaven on Earth, and that the tools to find joy in the moment are around and within us.  That harmony is inevitable and that innately we all just love each other and sometimes we forget – he is here to help us remember.

He remind us to experience the beauty in nature, and bring the lessons that nature teaches back into our relationships at work and at home. He facilitates a remembrance that life is a dance, harmonic and flowing, and that we truly are all ‘fingers of the same hand’.

He is leading the metamorphosis of the masculine into a cooperative, synergistic, gentle and kind way of being. He champions the playful child in us, to help us see God in all things, including ourselves and each other.

In his twenties he had a healing practice using shiatsu, reflexology and flower essences, and served as a healer using the laying on of hands in local churches and hospitals.

During this time he also ran his own carpentry business called Cooperative Designs. His work was based on the collaborative approach to working with the Devas and Elementals made famous by the Findhorn community.

Realizing that the physical illnesses he was treating originated from our thoughts and beliefs, and that he was just treating the symptom and not the cause, he switched his focus, studied psychosynthesis, and built a full-time private psychotherapy practice.

After working as a wilderness guide for several Outward Bound schools, in 1990 Joebaby started his own consulting company working with colleges, universities and Fortune 500 companies including Harvard, MIT, HP, IBM. He’s facilitated agreements between union and management, hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. He takes executives on multiday Leadership Retreats around the world, including such adventures as climbing, rafting, sailing and swimming with dolphins and sharks.

In 1995, he swam with a pod of wild dolphins and stepped out of the water a changed man. Since that time, he’s brought groups from all over the world to swim with dolphins and whales in the Pacific and Atlantic. He’s called the ‘Dolphin Whisperer’ for the way dolphins respond to him.

Sharing his love of the ocean, he offers a celebratory Water Ceremony  at different conferences and community events (five continents and counting). The water he uses is from sacred springs from around the world and carries the love and blessings of thousands.

In 2008 he was given the name ‘Nimbeesh’, aka ‘Merman’, by a group of Native Elders, recognizing him as the return of the Mer-people, those who bridge the tribes of the land and sea.

His YouTube videos have over a half million views.

Through his writing, workshops, seminars and retreats, Joe champions our innate love of life. A playful and passionate speaker, he has been a guest on Oprah, Fox TV, National Geographic and other shows.

He currently brings groups of families and kindred spirits on nature retreats and adventures in different parts of the world.

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