Custom Trips – Bahamas & Hawaii Ocean Adventures, Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Tired of a crowded boat?

Ready for your own experience?

Just you and your family/friends?

That’s how my first trip to Bimini was, just my son Mark, his mom and I, and it was spectacular. Imagine having your own cottage/condo, your own boat, schedule and guide! Group trips are great, and yet sometimes, you want the privacy of your own experience… so if you (or your kids) want, you can…

- spend more time with the dolphins

- go back and feed the stingrays

- change plans and sleep in

- soak in the Healing Hole

- follow your inspiration moment-to-moment…

Hi my name’s Joe Noonan. I’m the founder of Planetary Partners and I’ve been bringing families to Bimini for the past 16 years. Holidays, Reunions, Spring Break, 50th Birthday, you name it, there’s nothing more special that an intimate family vacation on your time, your terms. I lead a limited number of custom trips to Bimini and Hawaii each year. Its my joy to share the beauty, magic and discovery of our amazing world with you!

“This was by far the best family trip ever!” Joanne Peters

“Sarah and I still look at the photos and laugh” Lori Kennedy

“After a difficult divorce, it was the quality time we needed” Tamar Miller

Lots of adventure and rites of passage for everyone…

Away from the crowds – Your schedule, your timing, your adventure…

For families, individuals and couples, these custom trips can be as simple and extravagant as you wish… For more info, contact Joe at 954-242-5830

Rolf & Renata and their kids ZoiLee, Sky & Levy from the Netherlands!

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