Jama’s Fish

by Joebaby on July 16, 2011

I am of God, Gaia and the Sea, and I hunt, catch and eat much of my food from her…

I grew up a hunter/gatherer, so its always a bit of a surprise when someone calls me a hypocrite for loving dolphins but eating fish. I used to post photos of my beautiful catch, blessings from the sea, just as a happy farmer shows off photos of their prize zucchini or giant sunflower, but I’ve gotten a bit hesitant, having received judgment from others who have only gotten their food from the market and have never fed themselves directly from the land (or sea).

Today I bumped into Jama… he’s a Rasta here on Bimini, and he used to be one of the drummers at the Compleat Angler. His dreads stuffed up in a pouch, lost to the drum in his hands, many are the times I danced til dawn to his passionate rhythm.

I haven’t seen him in years, and I was shocked when I saw him today… He is gaunt, hunched over and shuffling… his body a shell of his former self. There was very little spark or fire in his eyes…

He walked into the store that’s next to my apartment here, clutching a clear plastic bag of pasty white rolls… He shared that he narrowly escaped death, and how the Lord has saved him. His every third sentence is ‘Praise the Lord”.

Standing next to him, I can feel his body’s yearning for sustenance… The main diet here in Bimini is fried; fried everything, and many Bahamians are overweight and diabetic. His bones and skinny arms were begging for something vital and alive. “Whats with the rolls?” I asked, and he replied that he’s eating them to try to put on weight…

When I am here in Bimini between leading trips, I try to go out on my little boat every day. If the weather’s calm, I head up north to the dolphin grounds, but if its windy, and it doesn’t take a lot of wind to deter my small inflatable boat, I stay closer to shore and freedive for my dinner. Any self respecting fish that presents himself is, in my aboriginal eye, an offering from the sea, and sometimes I catch more than I need for that night for myself and my immediate circle of friends.

Inspiration spoke and I knew exactly what to do…

“Wait right here, Jama, I’ve got a piece of fish for you”. I went to my freezer and pulled out the snapper I speared a few days ago. I had cleaned it and stuck it in the freezer for whom I knew not. Now I know.

I hand him the fish and his face lights up. “A snapper” he said, eyes piercing through the plastic bag, “A hog snapper”. The hog snapper is a prized fish here, it is delicious and rarely caught by hook. Only spearfishermen catch them, and they are highly desired. “Praise the Lord!” he says, the look of joy in his eyes.

I smile, happy to be a servant in this circle of life… as crazy as it is to the mind, I know that that fish swam to me to nourish Jama, to bring sustenance, energy and life to his starving spirit.

“This fish is doubly blessed”, I tell him. “I say a prayer before I get in the water and I say a prayer of thanksgiving after I catch him”.

“Praise the Lord”, he repeats, and I watch a bit of spring return to his step.

I know nothing… I know nothing at all… I just know that my heart and spirit were filled with joy, and that I am willing, delighted actually, to keep showing up and be played along with the rest of this beauty…

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

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© Joe Noonan

End of a beautiful day on the sea...

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